Basics of Blockchain

A Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made are recorded chronologically and publicly and the transaction can be anything of value.


The blockchain concept explained in 6 steps in a simple way

  1. Someone requests a transaction
  2. The request is broadcasted to a P2P network consisting of nodes (computer/mobile devices)
  3. The network of nodes validate the transaction (validation can be for cryptocurrency, contracts, or any other information)
  4. The transaction creates a new block of data for the ledger
  5. The new block is added to the existing Blockchain and it is permanent and cannot be deleted
  6. The transaction is completed


Marc Andreessen calls Blockchain a big invention as the internet. Gartner has also included Blockchain in their Hype cycle of emerging technologies. Blockchain is growing importance and its one area which if learnt now will fetch great job opportunities in near future.


Skills required to consider Blockchain developer as a career include  Fundamentals of programming, any procedural language, RDBMS data structures, HashMaps. The coding for Blockchain applications is not complex as underlying technology works on its own and it would be mostly writing the business layer in Javascript.


Typical roles in Blockchain are

Blockchain developer, Blockchain Architect, Blockchain business Analyst


Other topics that will be covered

Blockchain platforms like Hyper LedgerEthereum or HashGraph


Course Certifications

  • Certified Blockchain expert by Blockchain Council

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