Digital Marketing

More than 3 billion of the people in today’s world are using digital tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and other social media every day. Which is a huge number and hence there is huge marketing opportunity in the digital space.   Digital marketing is communicating value to customers or marketing using digital tools.

Cloud computing

Introduction to Cloud Computing In simple words cloud is Internet that can be accessed anywhere anytime and computing is to do with processing and storage. Cloud computing provides access the large pool of scalable IT resources either Infrastructure, software or platforms as and when required and billed by consumption. There are different types of cloud


Introduction to Internet of things Internet of things is the conceapt of connecting any device to the internet and to other connected devices. These devices can be self-driving vehicles with complex sensors that detect obstructions on their path or can be wearable fitness devices which measure the number of steps taken in a day. The

Big Data

Introduction to Big Data and Data Science In Today’s context information is the most valuable asset and huge volumes of information is rapidly getting generated from sources like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. The information is in the form of structured and unstructured data. Big data is term used to define this large volumes of


Basics of Blockchain A Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made are recorded chronologically and publicly and the transaction can be anything of value.   The blockchain concept explained in 6 steps in a simple way Someone requests a transaction The request is broadcasted to a P2P network consisting of nodes (computer/mobile devices)


Mobile Application Development Due to the increase in usage of mobile phones, the requirements for mobile application development is growing exponentially. So will be beneficial to learn mobile application development technologies. The technology is simple and once you gain basic understanding on mobile technologies and with some practice anyone can start designing and developing mobile

Enterprise Security

In today’s hyper connected world, computers and data are easily accessible over the internet. These computers and with it confidential data are vulnerable to attacks and unauthorized access. The technologies and processes used to protect computers, networks, applications and data against such attacks is called cyber security. There I a threat/ possibility of the computers

Web Technologies

Web technologies are basic requirement for implementing any web applications or developing web sites. Knowledge in web technologies is required also to develop applications in the emerging technologies like big data, RPA etc. This course will cover web technologies Java .Net HTML C# Java Scripts Languages for digital technologies – Python and R Language Frameworks


DevOps is a methodology evolved from existing software development methodologies over the years to meet customer requirements more efficiently. In a traditional waterfall model, the requirements are completely fixed and signed off before the next phase of design is initiated and so on for each phase. In the agile development methodology, the requirements change frequently