A Sample Digital marketing Questionaire

Questionnaire for implementing website optimization integrated with digital marketing

For a

Construction Company

Compared to other industries, in Construction business, even on a small scale involves a variety of work including a bulk of legal proceedings, getting a lot of paperwork done, managing a large number of subordinates/contractors and also dealing with purchasing of tons of raw materials that too often with fluctuating costs, getting projects set-up probably the list is long. All these works leave little or no time for planning marketing strategies. Though different in nature from most other businesses, construction business too needs well planned and executed marketing strategies to make it a success. 

Below is a questionnaire for website optimization and digital marketing. Responses to these questions will help rebuilding a website and implementing an integrated digital marketing strategy to get more traffic and increase the number of leads/conversions.

  1. General questions
  1. Who are your top three major competition companies?
  1. Do you have subcontractors and what % of construction is subcontracted, who are your suppliers?
  1. How much do you currently spend on digital marketing? 
  1. Cost / investment in digital marketing and options 
  • Website design and content management
  • Feedback management
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Social Media management
  • Analytics and Data driven approach
  • Chatbot
  • Cloud hosting
  1. Current marketing channels – Ways you have gotten customers in the past?

Which of these channels are currently in use? – Websites, Social media, microsites, links, emails, SMS, Search engine, Branding, CRM, Blogs and Chats, Video sharing, Wikis, Groups and Forums, gaming and viral marketing, Photos, Advertisements, Newsletters.

  1. Number of new customers per year?
  1. What are the target Markets in construction industry and your Market Share?
  1. How many people in your company focus on marketing?
  1. Has the company deployed a graphic design service provider for brand building?
  1. Website Design

For a large construction companies, website is where potential customers can be converted into the real deal. Today’s construction decision makers use the web to determine which firms are trustworthy, professional and able to handle their project or provide a specified product. It is vital to have a compelling, memorable website that presents your clients with the information and confidence they need to make a buying decision. Since effective website is centre of online business, picking a right hosting platform, appropriate URL, CMS (content management system) with the right resources for a construction business will set the stage for growth of business.

  1. What is the current hosting site and approximate server space/file storage?
  1. How many domains do you have?
  1. Do your existing website support e-commerce functionality?
  1. What is the company URL?
  1. Which content management system is being used?
  1. Does the current website use a preloaded theme or is it custom developed and which technology does it use?
  1. Is the website responsive and mobile-friendly?
  2. Do you have content on architecture, Engineering and construction?
  1. Feedback Mechanism
  1. Pls share the milestones you suggest for customer feedback
  1. What are the current methods used to take customer feedback?
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The secret to effective marketing for the construction industry is in-bound marketing. The first and most important step of inbound marketing is to get found by people looking for your construction specialty, equipment, product or service. To accomplish this, marketing utilizes a combination of approaches that are tailored for your business, including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media, and more. SEO helps advancing your company beyond its current state and on to a more profitable standpoint.

  1. In case you have already provided keywords on your website, do you want further research on the keywords?
  1. How do you rate your current website on the search engines? Do you have traffic statistics or logs for us to study?
  1. What is the geographic target coverage of your market?  
  • Local    
  • Regional  
  • National    
  • International 
  • All 


  1. Please specify your target markets as above (geographical coverage) in order of rank priority:  
  1. Provide name of organizations which are supportive and/or complimentary to your company
  2. Have you undertaken website search engine optimization in the past?  a) If yes, please provide us with your previously targeted keyword information and results


  1. Have you ever undertaken a Link Popularity and Building campaign for your website? If yes, please provide detailed information about your ‘backlinks’ 


  1. What search engines, if any, do you specifically want to target?
  1. Who are your top 5 customers? Where are they located? 
  1. Where do they spend their time online? 
  1. What words and terms might they use to search for companies like yours? 
  1. Provide the Site Title and Meta Description (Meta description is the information that shows up below the title in search results. These two short pieces of information are generally the first impression you get to make on a potential website visitor, so make them count.
  1. Approximately how much traffic do you generate per month
  1. Search Engine Marketing or Pay per click advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a blanket term used to describe a variety of online advertising efforts. Commonly used to refer to paid advertising on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest; on many websites; in many apps and throughout the digital world. This type of online marketing is also commonly referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising because you generally pay a certain amount each time somebody clicks on your ad.

  1. Please provide ad campaigns to target specific users 
  1. Do you have an existing Google Adwords Account?
  1. What are the demographics of your target audience?
  1. List some keywords that describe your primary product/services in constriction industry which differentiates you from competition.
  1. Do you have any promotions, discounts or incentives that you want to mention in your ad campaign?
  1. Do you request any specific keyword phrases to be included in your campaign?
  1. Do you use Google Analytics? 
  1. Do you have a Google Maps account?
  1. Social Media Marketing, customer reviews and Email Marketing

Since the projects of construction companies are so large and time consuming, chances are less that the customer will create doubt once you get the work, however need to fix the negative reviews asap and be responsive to customers through social networking sites

  1. What are the current social platforms you are engaged with?
  1. How often do you post information that may interest your followers/existing customers? Helps chances of repeat business.
  1. How regularly do you share newsletters?
  1. Have you registered to the local directories?
  1. How many Blog posts do you publish in a month?
  1. Data Analytics

When it comes to analytics, every organization will have to define a well-structured Digital Marketing & Measurement Model.

  1. What are the key performance indicators (to help identifying targets for each KPI)?
  2. Please identify the segments of people, behavior & outcomes that we’ll analyse using analytics
  1. Have you enabled demographics and interest reports?
  1. Are the clicks and sessions being recorded? 
  1. What Data fields and what can we measure & analyse to get more meaningful results?
  1. What method are you currently using for predictive analytics?
  1. Chatbots

This emerging technology is rapidly becoming more sophisticated, developing the ability to engage with consumers to accomplish more complex tasks. What you want your chatbot to do will depend upon which part of the customer journey you most want to improve. 

  1. What will the chatbot do? what are the goals of building a chatbot
  1. Where will people interact with your chatbot? Here are some channels to consider:
  • Your website
  • Your mobile app
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat
  • Kik
  • iMessage
  1. Who will be the target users ?
  1. What information sources will the chatbot use?
  1. When will the chatbot escalate to a human?
  • Requests a phone or video call
  • Uses language that indicates frustration or anger
  • Asks the same question multiple times
  • References a potentially sensitive or dangerous issue, such as an allergic reaction or a medical emergency
  • Asks a question the bot doesn’t know how to answer
  1. Cloud Hosting
  1. Does your company host any applications in the Cloud?
  1. Which layer of Cloud applications is currently being used by your company? (Choose all that apply)
  • Individual software packages – Software as a Service (SaaS) 
  • Complete operating system and software package available via Cloud services (PaaS) 
  • Just infrastructure services such as storage, network capacity, etc – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 
  1. Which solution do you see as the most suitable for your organization according to Cloud computing taxonomy? 
  • Public cloud (owned and managed by an unrelated business) 
  • Private Cloud (owned and managed internally) 
  • Hybrid cloud (some services hosted internally and some hosted in the public cloud) 
  1. Are the current Cloud applications outsourced to multiple providers?
  1. For which types of applications do you use or plan to deploy into a cloud within the next 12 months. Please check all that apply: 
  • Ecommerce application 
  • Web 2.0/Social Networking 
  • Internal enterprise application (e.g., HCM, Payroll, CRM, ERP) 
  • Office productivity (e.g., Google Docs, Zoho) 
  • Security/Compliance 
  • Collaboration 

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