Course Syllabus

1) Introduction to Scripting languages.
2) Evolution of python
3) Overview of language and Introduction to IDEs(IDLE and Pycharm)
4) Variables
5) Data types
– Numbers
– Strings
6) Operators
7) Type Casting
8) Literals and Comments
9) Control instructions
10) Arrays
11) break, continue and pass keywords
-Without arguments
-With normal arguments
-With positional arguments
-With named or keyword arguments
-With default arguments
-With variable length arguments
-With dictionary arguments
-Functions returning single and multiple values

-Pass by reference
-Pass by value
-Anonymous functions
15) OS Commands
16) Files
17) Object Oriented Programming system
18) Constructors
19) Destructors
20) Multi threading
21) Command line arguments
22) Inheritance
23) Abstraction
24) Interfaces
25) Installing predefined modules
26) Lambda, Map and Filter functions
27) Polymorphism
28) Exception Handling
29) Working with databases
30) Working with excel files
31) Working with CSV files

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