INTRODUCTION: INTRODUCTION Introduction to cloud computing MVC pattern SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Job Profiles in Introduction to Platforms of Environments of Editions of Working with Trailhead Multi Tenant Architecture Registering with CONFIGURATION: – CREATING THE FOUNDATION OF EVERY PROJECT TOPICS Apps, Tabs, SObject, Fields, Relationships. Working

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Training Topic: Administering Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) “From Zero to Hero” Who should attend this Training 1) Anyone who wants to start their career as SCCM Admin 2) Application packaging engineers who wants to grow in their career 3) System Administrators who wanted to progress to next level 4) Server Administrators Class format 

Big Data Hadoop

Module 1 – Introduction to Hadoop and its Ecosystem, Map Reduce and HDFS Big Data, Factors constituting Big Data What is Hadoop? Overview of Hadoop Ecosystem Map Reduce -Concepts of Map, Reduce, Ordering, Concurrency, Shuffle, Reducing, Concurrency Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Concepts and its Importance Deep Dive in Map Reduce – Execution Framework, Partitioner,


Course Syllabus 1) Introduction to Scripting languages. 2) Evolution of python 3) Overview of language and Introduction to IDEs(IDLE and Pycharm) 4) Variables 5) Data types – Numbers – Strings -List -Tuples -Set -Dictionary 6) Operators 7) Type Casting 8) Literals and Comments 9) Control instructions 10) Arrays 11) break, continue and pass keywords 12)Functions

Android App Development (using Firebase)

Android App Development (using Firebase) Course Syllabus: Introduction to the Android platform  Setup of the Android Studio IDE Your First Android Application Publishing to the Play Store Android Components Activities & Fragments Intents UI Design: Widgets and Layouts UI Events and Event Listeners Advances UI Concepts Resources Services Data Storage options Animations. Introduction to Firebase


  1)Introduction and history of DotNet 2)Introduction to Visual Studio 3)Installation and working with Visual Studio 4)variables,constants,comments 5)Data types 6)Operators 7)Decision making and branching 8)Looping and Nesting 9)break,continue,goto keywords 10)switch cases 11)Naming conventions 12)Type Casting 13)Methods 14)Parameter passing techniques 15)out and default parameters 16)Object oriented programming 17)Encapsulation 18)Inheritence 19)Abstraction 20)Polymorphysm 21)Constructors 22)this and base keywords


Course Syllabus – Core Java Topics: 1)Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming 2)Java evolution 3)Overview of language 4)Data types, constants 5)Operators 6)Decision Making and branching 7)Looping  8)OOPS 9)Classes,objects,methods 10)Encapsulation 11)Polymorphysm 12)Abstraction 13)Inheritence 14)Accepting input from the user 15)Interfaces 16)Arrays 17)Strings 18)Constructors and destructors 19)Garbage Collection 20)Packages 21)Multi threading(if required) 22)enum in java 23)Errors and Exceptions 24)Collections