Course Syllabus – C++

1) Introduction to programming languages

2) Introduction and history of CPP language

3) Installation of software and the way of running CPP programs

4) Structure of a CPP program and steps to write a CPP program

5) Variables, and constants

6) Data types and comments

7) Operators


9) Type Casting

10) Instructions

11) Decision making and branching

12) Looping and nesting

13) Switch cases

14) break,continue and goto keywords

15) Logical programs

  • Swapping of numbers using temporary variable
  • Swapping of numbers without using temporary variable
  • Generating Febonnicci series
  • Calculating the sum of the digits in the number given by the user
  • Determining wether a number is amstrong or not
  • Determining wether a number is perfect or not
  • Calculating the factorial of a given number
  • Determining wether a number is prime or not
  • To reverse the number entered by the user,etc

16) Functions

  •         Call by value
  •         Call by reference
  •         Function recursion
  •         Inline functions
  •         Friend functions

17) Arrays

18) Command Line Arguments

19) Object Oriented Programming System

20) Classes and Objects

21) Scope resolution operator

22) Inheritence

23) Polymorphysm

  •      Function overloading 
  •      Function overriding

24)Operator overloading


  •      Parameterless
  •      Parameterized
  •      Overloaded constructors

26)Copy constructor


28)Dynamic memory allocation

29)Virtual base classes

30)Virtual functions

31)Abstract classes

  • Course duration:  60 min/day
  • No. of Sessions: 30 
  • Weekday/weekend Batch Starting August 1st Week
  • Course Fee: Rs 5000/-

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